Awareness Seminar with Renee O'Connor

Saturday, September 11th, and 12th, 2010
Toronto, Canada

How You can Release the Barriers that Define you, Create Authenticity in Your Life, Gain more Emotional Courage and Live the Life You Are Intended.

Radisson Suite Hotel Toronto Airport
640 Dixon Road, Toronto Ontario M9W 1J1, Canada
Reservations: 1-800-395-7046 1-800-395-7046 US/Canada Toll-free Telephone: (416) 242-7400 (416) 242-7400 Fax: (416) 242-9888

Email:  info@rocpictures.com

This is not a therapy class, although you may realize behaviors that have lasted your lifetime.

This is not a religious class, although your Heart is your guide here.

This is not a motivational seminar, although you may feel inspired to make life altering changes.

This IS a group environment, guided to facilitate deep, emotional courage, so you too can live feeling more love, more resourceful, more compassion.

If you are ready, join me for two days, and be introduced to the beginning of a life long journey.

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2 Day Seminar - $975.00 USD
Seminar tickets are refundable up to August 10, 2010


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